Dune Book Review

This is another long one, but coming off of Bonhoeffer it’s light reading. You don’t have to think about the implications of every other sentence and can just enjoy the ride.

I read Dune because I heard it was the Lord of the Rings of Science Fiction. Having only ever seen the movies of the Lord of the Rings (Excluding the Hobbit, I actually read it) I can’t vouch for the truth in the statement. What I can say is, this was a really interesting book.

The book is set mostly on a desert planet Arrkais. (Do you like how that one is pronounced? Good, there’s a ton of made up and hard to pronounce names in this book.) The main character Paul, is the heir to a ducal throne, who finds his family on the receiving end of a murderous conspiracy to attain the desert planets valuable spice. The setting is some time in the future after a terminator-ish apocalypse (machines took over.)

The book has quite a bit of action, and some really cool ideas about how life would work on a desert planet in the future. The natives wear suits designed to capture almost all of their bodies water. Water on Arrkais is the most valuable currency, something new comers often learn the hard way.

The characters are all human which I thought was strange for a science fiction, but the characters have subtle superpowers, kind of like the force. (I feel like this book could be responsible for George Lucas’ Star Wars.) There are sand worms though. Some of which are big enough to swallow a whole mining machine.

I was going to say this is a nice reprieve from the Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, teen in trouble who saves the world theme, but it kind of is one of those. There’s even a love interest. Apparently this is a long running genre.

The level of detail in this story is awesome. I have a feeling this guy created this whole world and then wrote his story. Doing something like this is the 60’s is even more impressive. I don’t know how he’d have kept track of all of it. The author created religions, (multiple) and historical documents, biographies, memoirs, and other documents. Maybe he just made up the snippets he puts at the beginning of the chapters, but I have a feeling he didn’t.

This was a cool book; it took me into another world. I’d like to apologize to everyone I ignored while I was reading it.

This is the first book in a huge series, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to a big series of books.



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