Drones seem to be all the rage right now, so after a little brainstorming session here are some things I think would actually be useful for them to do. Keep in mind that drones currently suffer from range problems. This is limited by battery capacity. You can slap a bigger battery on the drone, but that adds weight. Also when I refer to drones in this post I’m referring primarily to quadcopters that are not controlled by a human.


Now to the fun stuff.


Intel recently demonstrated that they can coordinate a swarm of drones to dance. So, if that’s possible you could also program these drones to deliver packages in neighborhoods. Letters and such can easily be handled by one single drone, but a larger package would utilize a team lift, and multiple drones could attach and deliver a larger package.


Load a dozen or so drones up on a truck and you could have a rolling base for the drones to pick up and deliver packages from.


Walmart also has an excellent opportunity to implement a hyper fast delivery and is currently interested in it. According the The Walmart Effect As of 2006 there was a Walmart within 5 miles of 53% of the population a reasonable distance for a drone to deliver something small to your house from the store. Think about how many times you’ve gone into Walmart and meant to get one thing. And think about being able to order batteries for the toy you just for Christmas and just walking to the porch to get them in 30 minutes?


You see a lot of news about Amazon doing this, but I think Walmart has a better shot since they have many more locations. A CVS or Wallgreens would be good at this too.


Or if you get tired of waiting on Walmart to make that happen maybe you could just send your own personal drone to pick it up for you. Again you’d need the store to be ok loading your drone, but still that’d be pretty nice. I could send it to Lowes to get that one lousy screw I need to finish my current project, or a tube of caulk.


Dominos might be throwing their hat into the ring too… Just kidding but it might be cool to get a pizza delivered by drone.


Retail shouldn’t get all the tech though, Agriculture has huge potential to implement drones.


Drones could be used to crop dust. These would be much larger internal combustion drones though, (Like the ones the military uses) Japan has a 20 year head start though as they’ve been using drones to crop dust for a while.


Drones use in agriculture aren’t limit to crop dusting. Forbes has this article about their use for analyzing crops.


The military is already heavily using drones, but what if they started using them in another manner.

What if the drone could function as a personal eye in the sky. They have variations of these but the soldier has to carry them on their back. The version I think would be useful would be a version that attached to the top of a vehicle and could take off in a moment’s notice to get a bird’s eye view of a situation.


These drones would be exceptionally useful for police officers, they could take off when the door was opened and lights where on and follow the officers, or a fleeing suspect. They could be equipped with cameras so we would have a better view of what actually happened and protect our officers and citizens from false narratives. (They’d be pricey no doubt)




What do you think?

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