Same Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Response to God’s Design for Marriage Book Review


So far the only one of my goals for 2016 I’ve managed to maintain has been reading one book a month.

Just barely sneaking in before the end of this short month I finished my second book. Same Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Response to God’s Design for Marriage it wasn’t on my original list but Amazon marked it down to $1.99 and I bought it.

I blame Eric Metaxas for tweeting about it. Let me be clear, the book is worth much more than the $1.99 I paid for it.

The book is co-authored by John Stonestreet who is the president of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, and one of the writers for BreakPoint, and Sean Mcdowell, the son of John Mcdowell.

This book is one of many addressing the issue of same sex marriage in today’s politically correct, and ever more “tolerant” society. I wanted to read it because I have seen friends and coworkers who don’t see why the redefinition of marriage is a big deal. I wanted to find a reliable source of bible-based information I could use to discuss the issue in a manner that would not disparage myself or more importantly my Lord.

This book is clearly written for Christians as it uses the Bible to back up much of what it says. However, considering most proponents for SSM do not care what the Bible says about something. Fortunately, they also use many sources outside of the Bible and a whole lot of common sense.

The book opens with “No one wants to be a bigot.” The book goes on to address why, in the face of what seems to be an inevitable wave of approval for SSM, should Christians do anything other than accept SSM as the new normal. “It matters… The speed at which SSM went from unthinkable to unquestioned is unparalleled in modern memory. A shift of these proportions leaves an enormous cultural wake. Given what is at stake we can stay silent no longer.”

After addressing the current state of marriage the authors begin defining marriage. One of the first points they hammer home is marriage is the becoming of one flesh in every possible way, and one of the goals of marriage is child-rearing.

It is not some government created union, it is a holy union adopted by the government for the obvious social, cultural, and economic benefits a heterosexual marriage provides. The book determines marriage is not about love. It’s not about how someone feels about someone else. They say marriage is about protecting the ones who cannot protect themselves. The children and women in societies are the ones who get hurt when marriage is devalued.

On the government’s attempts to redefine something they didn’t create the book cites “You can eat an ashtray, but that doesn’t make it food.”

The authors go on to present what we as Christians should do to save marriage. They reject the thought that we as Christians should just bow out of the fight. The give some examples of pastors and Christian leaders who are have given up when it comes to addressing SSM. They say even if we have lost for good (which we haven’t) Christians are called to stand with God, regardless of how unpopular the stance may be.

The authors address many of the talking point of the SSM proponents from their comparison of interracial marriage to SSM, to their game plan laid out in After the Ball. (In which two gay activists fundamentally changed the strategy of the LGBT movement.) The 9 pages addressing After the Ball should give hope to any opponent of the SSM’s current rise to power. If so much can happen is such a short time it can be undone in a similar amount of time.

The book then goes on to give Christians a call to action. As with most Christian action plans their plan begins with a call for repentance. SSM is not some overnight phenomenon, it is the product of Christians failing to make the case for biblical marriage. No fault divorce, sexual addictions, sexual abuse, and mistreating people who have been sexually broken hasn’t shown the world what marriage was meant to be.

Then the book addresses how the Church should continue to stand against SSM, and what Christians should to help change the cultural tide.

For anyone who’s walked away from a conversation about SSM with someone and wished they had been able to say more than “The Bible says its wrong.” This is an excellent book.


What do you think?

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