Shipping Containers

Shipping containers fascinate me. I blame legos.

The idea of being able to live in an oversized lego really appeals to me. Not so much to my wife though, so until I become more convincing I’m stuck in a regular house.


I was thinking about the over-crowding that we hear about in global mega cities, and I was trying to think of a solution to their problem. Besides the obvious move the panhandle of Texas or Oklahoma. (Seriously, there’s not a soul out there)


What if you could build a massive island of shipping containers?


They’d have to be waterproofed and anchored, but what if you could build a huge island. (kind of like a cruise ship, but wider and tethered to land.) And you set that island up to be self-sustaining. You could build these massive structures a few miles off the coast of say Tokyo, or Miami, or New York. Get a ferry to run people back to work, or set it up as a floating park.


They’d need solar panels, or windmills, or you could rig them up to have the tide provide a little energy. Then you could store this energy in batteries in the shipping containers that sit below the water, with the rest of the islands infrastructure.


You would have 8×8 foot tunnels under the ground of your island that would be perfect for running any utilities that you’d need, and any homes or businesses on the island could use them for storage or shelter in case of storms. ( I realize being under sealevel during a storm might not be the most ideal situation.


It may also be possible to set up fishing farms off the island if you needed to.


Or on a more personal note, I’d love to have a shipping container house complete off the grid. I’d like to be off a little pond in the woods. You’d need solar panels and set everything up to be hyper efficient. LED bulbs, super insulated walls (Think Earthship style, don’t judge me for the hippyness of that link.) Then you could set up a gray water system to utilize your water the best you could, have a nice little garden on the roof, or perhaps in a south facing greenhouse attached to your house to reduce the amount you’d need to heat in the winter. And if you just had to have wifi you could build yourself a little wifi mesh network from civilization to your house.


Another solution for the over crowding of cities is this Sky City thing. It’s basically a city contained in a skyscraper. Don’t think like the remake of Judge Dredd. They are modular buildings that are manufactured and then delivered and assembled. I think this is awesome. However it may cost more than the skipping container island. Sure the link paints a rosy picture, it’s selling something. But it’s still a really cool idea. Relevant Link


I also think that these guys should utilize magnetic elevators in their building. This would enable them to have elevators that go horizontal as well as vertical. (Just like in Willy Wonka, minus the shooting out of the roof thing.) This wouldn’t be a gimmick thing either, it would enable them to use fewer shafts because the elevators could merge in an out of the main shaft. So you could have 20 elevator cabs, but just 4 main shafts. Not to mention magnets are cool.




What do you think?

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