Product Ideas


Smart Refrigerators

If you take a refrigerator and fit scales to shelves so it can know how much weight was taken from the container you just replaced then you would be able to estimate when your food would run out and it could build smart shopping list for you.


You could also incorporate a barcode scanner into the door so you could scan products, and it would know when they were about to expire. It could then suggest meals that would utilize the food about to go bad.

The refrigerator could also work with the ingredients within to suggest meals based on how much time you have or what you’re in the mood for.


If you worked with Rubbermaid to incorporate smart labels you could even program how long you wanted to keep your left overs and what you had in there. ( this could be either an NFC chip or a QR code on the lid)


Wifi mesh cell network


This technology is currently available, but I would like to see a city incorporate it into their infrastructure. It would provide free internet  without having to rent the space on the electric lines.


Wifi routers can be set up to relay the signal without having to build new lines. This probably cost more than just using existing telephone lines, but this could be an option for more rural areas.


If you set the routers up on a solar panel system they could be essentially self-sustaining. (At least until the battery dies or solar panel breaks)




What do you think?

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