2016 Candidates. As Middle Schoolers



Bright girl, the mean girls outsider, she told one genuinely funny joke. The class loved it, she kept telling it. The class got over it. She was voted most likely to not wind up in politics.



The pudgy kid who tries to keep up with the others at recess, he did have that one day in kickball though. He never lets you forget. He likes to hang out on the old overpass and play king of the bridge.



He’s the teachers favorite, his family has money, his dad and brother were good students, not straight a students, but they got their work done. He seems to believe that he deserves to be the teachers favorite, but can’t really explain why.


smartest kid in the class, hands down. He’s great at biology, but he misses a few question here and there on his other tests that makes you wonder what he was thinking. Also needs to speak up when he’s answering questions.



The smooth talker. He’s got the potential to talk his friends into doing anything, but you wonder how genuine his motives are. He always comes in from recess drenching wet, even in the winter.


He’s the bright kid without any friends, even when he’s right you kinda want him to be wrong. He takes a lot of flack for being a jerk sometimes, but it doesn’t seem to phase him. He refuses to change his mind fortunately he typically has it set on the right things.


He’s the instigator, he pulls on pony tails when the teacher turns around, and then shouts when she slaps him. He’s really into WWE. His family is loaded, and you tend to wonder if they ever told him no. He also may have a moderate for of Asperger’s , but asking would likely set him off. It’s also really hard to split teams up for games because he just switches to whichever side is winning. Often seen hanging out with the popular kid of the moment.



He seems like an alright kid, he’d be able to be friends with the other half of the class if he wasn’t afraid of his family. He hangs out on the left side of the class but you catch him looking longingly to the right when he things the others aren’t looking.11295982675_66e1113cc3_z

Sanders-He failed math class. A few times. He always tries to steal things from the rest of the class, he’s really compassionate though, he always gives what he takes to kids in other classes. It would also be nice if he could answer a question without yelling, the teacher moved him to the front of the class so he would stop spitting on the other students. He’s also very popular with the elementary school kids. He knows what they’re into.hillaryclintoncaricatureweb

Clinton- You’ve seen mean girls? She’s Regina (the ringleader). She lies, when caught doing something wrong, and then blames someone else when she fails her tests. She wants to play at recess but always comes back crying because they won’t slow down for her. She also pays her boyfriend to hang around, good call on her part he’s pretty popular. ( They’re not exclusive though)


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