Free Internet Probably Isn’t What Most Africans Need.

No offense to Zuc. I appreciate that he wants to help but for some reason I doubt that giving Africans (many of whom don’t have access to internet_accessreliable water or electricity) Internet is going magically revolutionize their lives.

I have a feeling we may see a few villages find water well plans online, something that I have no doubt we’ll hear about, but what I fear we may not hear about are the now connected gang lords, who can now traffic the women and children they steal online, or who will be coordinating their efforts to be more ruthlessly efficient.

Africans need stability, and they need to be able to do it on their own. By all means help them do it, possibly set up charter cities with land rights, reliable electricity, clean water, and a free market.

If we’re going to spend money in the name of philanthropy let’s make sure we’re actually doing some good. I doubt


What do you think?

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